Hospital Management in Neonatal care

Neonatal care defines as the care for the one who is born early, with less weight and whoever babies having a serious medical condition which requires special medication, treatment or operation. It not only requires for the babies who have born early but also for those who are at high risk, of acquired abnormality and may undergo operation or surgery. Though midwives and neonatal nurses require precise skills and knowledge to provide good care to the sensitive new-borns and also to their families.

However, there are around four levels of care-

Transitional care– It is provided for those immature babies who require special medical treatment but are sufficiently to be cared at their mother’s bedside, as it can be done within the maternity area of the hospital.

Intensive care- Intensive care is for those babies who have severe problems and are very premature and have terribly low birth weight.

Low dependency care- This type of care is for those babies who do not require endless observation and those babies who are not stable and growing.

High dependency care – This care is for those babies with less serious complications but also need a great time for the observation and support also for the babies who requires to recovering from critical breakdown or illness.

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